I Can’t Hold Back Anymore

I’m not political…

Julian Cosky
3 min readDec 12, 2021


I don’t pretend to understand it all, so this is not me on my political soapbox.

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I’m also not passing judgment on the current state of the UK government. I’ll leave that to others.

However, I am on my soapbox about Covid-19 vaccinations.

This weekend the UK has moved to ‘Plan B’. A tier of restrictions aimed at stemming the rise of the Omicron variant.

  • Work from home is now strongly encouraged
  • Face masks are now compulsory on public transport, and in most public places (but not bars and restaurants)
  • The NHS Covid pass is now compulsory for access to clubs and large venues

I understand there is confusion; don’t go to work in the office but do go to eat in a restaurant.

This isn’t a lockdown, yet! The government are trying to keep the economy moving in the most sustainable way possible, given the circumstances.

If we don’t adhere to the new rules, then I’d hate to see what Plan C will look like.

Despite the UK having one of the better vaccination programmes, and now that 89% of over 12's have had their first dose, currently only 39% have had the booster.


Why people don’t get the vaccine?

Apart from the minority who aren’t able to get it for medical reasons, there should be no excuses.

This is madness

We have all witnessed how deadly Covid-19 can be.

Lives have been lost all around the world. Loved ones were taken before their time. People who have tested positive or hospitalised have been saying how they wish they were vaccinated, but still, the numbers continue to rise.

The Omicron variant is now threatening to be dominant in a matter of weeks, and it has been proven that anyone who has had all 3 vaccines will be much better protected.

Then there are those who are leaving it far too late.

They’re turning up at the hospital, with symptoms, and asking for the vaccine!

Sorry — you’re too late.



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