Who Are You Trying To Kid?

Of course, you’re on Medium to make money

Julian Cosky


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Writing is a passion for many.

I enjoy writing.

I get a buzz out of seeing my work in print.

The fact that someone, you, has taken the time to read my words is fantastic.

However, let’s be honest. We would all like to supplement other incomes where possible. A few extra pounds (dollars) here and there to help out.

So, whilst writing on Medium has given me an outlet for being creative, the fact that I can earn from this is a big bonus.

The first ‘hurdle’, as most of us know, is to reach the minimum 100 followers that Medium requires, before you can join the partnership program.

There are plenty of stories here about how to achieve that, and I don’t agree with them all!

You should follow the people that interest you, not just to achieve your target. What will happen is they will follow you, but once you meet your target, they will start to unfollow you.

The key to earning is NOT followers. Followers do not pay you.

The key is READERS. People who will actually consume your content.

This has been written so many times, not least by me.

Story Length

Make sure you’re stories aren’t too long. They need to be bite-sized.

Ideally between 4 and 6 minutes.

I discovered that some of my stories were ‘being ignored’ until I edited them down to a manageable size.

I wrote about that in more detail here:


So, you have your 100 followers, now what?

Continue to write quality stories. See which of your stories have the best responses, and write more of the same.

It’s true, but if you’re getting the readers, then they want to read what you’ve…



Julian Cosky

Husband. Father. Business Analyst. I’m also a Cub Scout Leader. Writing on Medium allows me to be me!